Premium Network

Our premium network (ASN 54527) is fully multi-homed. Consisting of top tier network upstreams such as Level3, PEER1, Shaw and Tinet and peering at VanIX and SIX it offers full Canadian and US routing. This network is recommended if you do a lot of business in both countries. For businesses that are more US focused and require more bandwidth please have a look at our value network


A tier-1 network which spans the majority of the US. Utilizing its trans-atlantic cables it also has a presence in Western Eurpoe. It has done the same in the Pacific to connect Australia and along the Asia Pacific coast. Level 3 has a truly global network.


(ASN 3356)

  • 10Gbps in Seattle

Cogeco Peer 1 has a fibre network across North America and Europe. Their network is built on a series of dedicated backbone links between all their facilities. They are connected to hundreds of peers in all major peering exchanges in North America and 2 in Europe. In Canada, Cogeco Peer 1 peers with all major Canadian networks for the best connectivity in the country.

Cogeco Peer 1

(ASN 13768)

  • 4Gbps in Vancouver
  • 2Gbps in Seattle
  • 1Gbps in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York and Miami

Shaw is a Canadian telecommunications company. They are one of the leading internet service providers in Canada and maintain a fibre route connecting the Vancouver Island along the canadian west coast as far as Montreal in the East. They also have a presence in major northern US cities such as Seattle, Chicago and New York.


(ASN 6327)

  • 10Gbps in Vancouver
  • 1Gbps in Toronto

Now owned by GTT, Tinet's tier-1 network has been combined with GTT's own to create a global-spanning network . Their network covers the USA and Western Europe. Along the Pacific they have a presence in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore and Sydney, Australia.


(ASN 3257)

  • 10Gbps in Seattle