Sometimes, all you need is a little rackspace. Well, we can give that to you too.

While we specialize in offering dedicated hosting solutions, we can also provide the space, power, and bandwidth for businesses that wish to use some of their own hardware. Some of our clients have extra specialized Internet infrastructure, but still need a mission-critical environment for it.

Shared - from $109

  • Starting with 1u space and 1 Amp
  • Additional space and power available
  • Escorted access
  • Available at Verizon and DataVault

Partial - from $424

  • Quarter cabinet (10U + 10 Amps)
  • Half cabinet (21U + 20 Amps)
  • Full cabinet (42U + 20 Amps)
  • Unescorted access
  • Available at DataVault

Shared - from $999

  • 42u rack space
  • 20 Amps power
  • Unescorted access
  • Available at Verizon and DataVault


  • We offer colocation in Vancouver.
  • Our Vancouver facilities come complete with UPS, diesel generator, chilled-loop HVAC, two phase fire suppression, digital cameras, and keyscan controlled access systems to regulate power and temperature and to minimize fire and security risks.
  • Space is rented by the rack unit starting at 1U, the industry standard form factor.
  • A network connection to either our premium network or value network, depending on your needs
  • Packages will be tailored to your requirements, so you only pay for what you use.
  • 24 hour unescorted access for quarter or larger cabinets (escort-access for smaller shared cabinets).